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The One Motorcycle Show 2012 pt.1

By casey him | February 14, 2012

Oh man, this year was a doozy.  The new venue (Sandbox Studios), while lacking the dingy charm of previous years, made it possible to actually look at  the motorcycles and take shitty drunken pictures- so that’s what I did.  I have never managed to take anything other than blurry party shots at the One Show before, but due to ample space and two whole days of fun I was able to take a ton of blurry bike shots.

HoJo- Clean and functional as always.

RSD- King of the bottle deposit.

McElroy and Twinline RD

Moto Galore disco-ed up their game.

Best Triumph and Best american awards.

Filth Mode- Rode down from the Great White North with a disassembled 50 on the luggage rack.  Won best in show.

Won fastest looker award.


Union and GFTP, wasn’t this in a Bond movie?

Icon-  Thor let me give out one of the awards this year.  Having not entered a bike this time around, I figured I was as impartial as I was likely to get.  I was handed the “Eye of the Tiger” trophy and told to make up my own criteria.  I decided it meant a bike that looked as though it would inspire you to do something foolhardy at three-times the posted speed limit, resulting in giant fireball and a ride in a helicopter.  I took the responsibility waaaay too seriously, looking over each bike carefully, trying to feel it’s aura.  I would have loved to give the award to an unheard of garage-builder, but Icon’s Magnificent Bastard spoke to me (casey, casey pin it wide open and crash me into the nearest solid object….).  I’m just waiting for that free helmet to arrive in the mail, any day now…

I’d wager that this furry little bastard got more camera time than half the bikes in the show.  A crowd favorite for sure and beloved by children and braindead parents especially.

While Stephen’s front wheel was definitely a tripping hazard, at least it was easy to spot the two sissybars above the crowd.


Would it be wrong to throttle a child?  Or should you go straight for the parents?  This, in my mind, was about the only downside of the show.  Why is it that the belligerent drunks seem to have more respect for peoples property than the belligerent child owners?  Why so many questions?  Did Dirty reallly throw a beer can at a little kid?  Wha?  Huh?

Had a Blast anyway, bikes, beer, pizza, old friends, new friends, sleep deprivation, loud music and wizard juice, so much wizard juice…

More pics later.

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