This is right now.

By casey him | July 26, 2014


you probably still have time. go, go now!

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Dirtquake U.S. — Sideburn X SeeSee — This weekend!

By casey him | May 30, 2014

So here it is. Your weekend already planned for you, so simple all you have to do is show up. We’ll be there selling many fine things at the swapmeet on saturday. We’ll be there partying saturday night. We’ll be racing with hangovers on sunday. You will be there too, along with half of the motorcycling northwest and some dastardly foreigners to boot! Oh, the fun you’ll have. No Excuses (‘specially you Sean…), it’s an hour up the road, for chrissake!





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Kawafuckoffski for sale. 900 wingwangs.

By casey him | March 13, 2014

Yep, the kz440 (aka Das Vunder Hundt aka the wienerbike) I own for some odd reason is finally good enough to go. Good commuter/learner/beater or fodder for that totally rad cafe-bratty-murderedout-bobber you’ve been aching to build all these years.  For $900 you can hotmelt glue astro-turf all over it and take it to Burning Man for all  care.
Title in my name, tags good till next summer. Starts, runs, stops, goes, needs blinkers or not…

vunderhundt 001

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Shop party.

By casey him | March 1, 2014


If it’s not raining you should ride, just sayin’.

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The old dog.

By casey him | February 24, 2014

I was reading a story on the Sideburn blog the other day, about a ducati (cagiva….) that had “more makeovers than David Bowie.”  I felt pushed to dig through the scrapbook and document some of my Triumf’s ch-ch-changes over the years.



wtf 002


beachy things



7 wheels, 2 tanks, 3 oil tanks, the Tracy body, 3 pairs of pipes, 2 forks, 2 hardtails, 2 frames, a top-end, countless bar set-ups and on and on.

Working on the latest version right now……


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For sale: For a – cause.

By casey him | January 1, 2014

yzfxyzrr 001

Luke, good customer, smart dresser and generally swell dude- has this very tidy 1994 yzf750 genesis up for sale.  But it needs to go quick, he leaves in a week.  You see, rather than hanging out in portland’s crap weather all winter, Luke’s headed to the Southern Americas for a moto-adventure.  He’ll be flying down to one of the less kidnappy countries and buying a 200cc something and riding as far south as one can.  To frolic with the penguins or something.  It sounds like a far better plan than anything I’ve thought of recently, so let’s get a couple extra pesos in his pocket to make this all go smoothly.

Ask around see if you know anybody’s who’s into it, gimme a shout if you want the details or to check it out.  94?  Shit, that’s practically a classic! Now’s the chance to look like your 1990′s hero for a mere $1500 obo!


You’re on your own for the pants though.

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We’ve taken a lot of pictures over the years.

By casey him | December 30, 2013


This is one of them.  I loved riding Skyline with those bars…

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By casey him | December 28, 2013


Some of my favorite details are the things you never see- this is the sub-frame for the body kit on last year’s One Show build.  Foto by Davie (aka Bill), who documented most of the build process of Stephen’s and I’s bikes- I say most of, because it helps if there’s always film in the camera(ooh burn!).  More to come….

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From the depths.

By casey him | December 27, 2013



transporting minors


b&w G&H


them's the pits

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Ricky Racer…

By casey him | December 14, 2013


Fifteen bucks?! Fuck it- I’ll do it myself.

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